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Before reading the somewhat technical reasons to why I hate Netscape I suggest you read the history to this site first.

Most webmasters know that Netscape is somewhat a problem when it comes to handling webpages, It is terrible specially for those of us (including me) who use Macromedia Dreamweaver to design webpages. Almost with every site that I have designed I have had to redesign it with Netscape so that it actually works. I am not going to mention much technical details here except for these *all tested with Netscape 4.7*:

  1. Netscape cant handle tables, and table backgrounds.
  2. Netscape reloads a webpage when it is resized
  3. Netscape crashes when there is more then 21 flash objects on a page.
  4. DHTML? what DHTML?
  5. Table within a table? hello Netscape?
  6. Font sizes differ in Netscape to IE!
  7. Netscape is unable to show the correct border color for tables. This layout is a perfect example. In IE the borders to this table are red. In Netscape they are white!, there are ways around this problem but I don't see why it has to happen.
  8. Behavioral setting: Play sound on mouse over does not work, instead a new window opens up and tries to play the sound!
  9. Help files? really? I thought they had none!
  10. IFRAMEs? I don't think Netscape has much chance there.
  11. Built in FTP, does not support certain server commands that IE does.
  12. Loading? hold on... ahh here comes the stupid start up screen... aaah look I see a button.. comon Netscape.

User sumbitted:

Name: Shane

1. I hate Netscape because the cunts who run it, have no direct contact
entry points if one has problems with Netscape and wish to contact them.

2. I hate Netscape because it has no clean, full and thorough uninstaller.

3. I hate Netscape because when I have a crack at a manual uninstall, all my
down loaded JPEG's down load as Netscape JPEG's and are a real fucking pain in
the arse to use in other programs.

4. I hate Netscape because it is sloooowwwww.

Name: Steven Hidy

1. With Netscape, there is no FULL SCREEN command. I hate that!
2. Skins? Who the hell cares what pictures you can give a button? It makes it
slower, because for every button, it has to load that image, which could be any

Name:alan barry

i hate netscape because:

Because it doesn't handle CSS's. Version 6 does but it looks like shit.
Version 6 keeps crashing, i don't even bother with it anymore.

Name: Jack

I made the mistake of opening an html document from a floppy disk in
Netscape Composer. The damned thing went through and converted all of the html docs on the entire disk to Netscape documents! I deleted them all.
Also, what's the point of showing the source code in NN if you can't work on the
code? Just another reason that Netscape Navigator sucks!

Name: Alan Foreman

There are many reasons why I hate the buggy pile of shite but this is my
prime hatred of the worlds shittyest browser:

If you know Flash then you'd know you can talk to the browser with it via
the FS command with JavaScript. However this is restricted to calling one
function with only two values which is more then slightly limiting, but I
had an idea to get around this by calling the "eval" function. This has many
uses but one is the ability to run whole JavaScript commands from it. i.e.

eval("document.print('Fuck Netscape;')");

Not overly useful most of the time, but I had the idea to write the JS in
Flash and feed each command through FS and the eval function. This whold
make life a shit load simpler. It was a good idea and it worked....

...on all browsers bar one...

Guess which one it is?

I did a bit of testing and found out Netscape 4.whatever is too fucking
stupid to accept variables into the eval function. Typing littorals like the
example above works okay but WHAT THE FUCKING USE IS THAT?!? If I typed in a
literal I might as well cut out the "eval" shit altogether!

So I'm stuck with using a monster JS function that everyone can steal so
that spastics that still use Nutscrape can use my designs...


Name: Bryan Yeung

I hate Netscape.

I have been developing web pages for about a year now for different
non-profit organizations as part of my job. Almost every page I develop
runs into some problem with Netscape. Here is the latest and worse one:

Tables within tables that expand beyond the containing table. In Netscape a
table within a table can go beyond the boundary of the table which is
containing it (and I'm not touching layers at all). After some fighting and
a nasty exchange or words I was able to make a workaround that Netscape
agreed with. Today, however, I have an image that is overlapping the
boundary of a table (and this is just one table, no nested tables today).
That's right, for no apparent reason Netscape decides it would like to place
the image overtop of all my text instead of in the cell where it is supposed
to go (yet again, no layers).

I hate Netscape.


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Why do YOU hate netscape? click here to post your reasons which will be shown the page immediately.

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